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Updated Info 7-31-2020  

I received new information this week about August 7, 2020. 

  • If you are virtual you must attend Meet and Greet on August 6 between 5-7
  • If you are not virtual and you attend Meet and Greet on August 6 between 5-7 then you do not have come to school on August 7th. At Meet and Greet you will pick a phase in date for you child for the week of August 10th. 


  1. August 7th for PreK and Kindergarten you will only be picking a date for phase in. If you attend Meet and Greet you do NOT have to come on this day.
  2. Phase in will be the week of August 10-14. 
  3. Your child will attend 3 half days that week (8-11).
  4. You may choose Monday, Tuesday, and Friday or Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 
  5. All students will attend on Friday. Again these days will all be from 8-11. 
  6. We will begin 8-3 days on Monday, August 17, 2020. 

August 7, 2020  

Going to back up a day by saying that August 6 is Meet and Greet from 5-7. NO parents will be allowed in the building but we will be set up outside weather permitting. IF you ARE VIRTUAL you must come during that time frame and pick up materials. I am trying my best to include everything you will need but you may have to pick up additional supplies when you pick up your child's lunch each week. If you are NOT VIRTUAL you may come to meet and greet to drop off supplies because parents will not be allowed in the building on August 7th and I do not want your child to have to carry a bunch of stuff down the stairs. Also if you bring it on the 6th I can sanitize and label items. 


The plan for August 7th: 

You will drop your child off upstairs preferably by 7:45. He or she will have temperature checked before entering the building. Again you will NOT be allowed in the building. I will be waiting inside the door and I will be wearing a face covering. It is not a mask but a clear covering over my face; other staff members may be wearing mask. Please prepare your child so he or she is not scared. Your child will then pick up his or her breakfast and we will all go downstairs together. He or she will have a tray in his or her cubby to place breakfast in, a hook to hang backpack on, and then we will enter the classroom. 

Breakfast will be eaten and then each child will have a morning journal (composition notebook) in which he or she will write his or her name and draw me a picture. (This will be EVERY morning). This needs to be completed by 8:10 that is why it is so important that you arrive around 7:45! 

Next we will go to the "carpet" (right now it is squares on the floor because we are not allowed carpets. I am open for suggestions on something they can sit on that is easily sanitized) and have a our morning meeting and calendar time. Followed by a math lesson and read aloud. 

At dismissal I will bring you child back upstairs. If you have no other child to pick up please park in the lane closest to where the teachers parallel park so after your child is loaded you may leave. IF you have multiple kids to pick up you may park in any lane. Please do not walk up to the porch to get your child; if you stand up outside your vehicle we will see you and walk your child to you. This is for everyone's safety and I can visible see who each child is leaving with. It will take me a few weeks to know everyone's vehicle so please be patient with me. 


Schools opening back up  

Please fill out the form on whether you choose to virtual schooling or traditional. 


If you choose virtual learning: 1. you must log in by AM to begin classes. 2. you may not change to traditional learning until January. 3. this will not look like the virtual learning we did at the end of last year. 


If you choose traditional learning: 1. your child will not be required to wear a mask. 2. temperature checks will occur each morning. 3. there will be arrows on the floor directing traffic. 4. if your child is in grades 4-8 he or she will remain in that classroom all day while the teachers will rotate. 

10 Ways to Prepare for Kindergarten!  

1.  Read to them every day. 

2.  Work on fine motor skills with playdoh, Legos, sand, etc.

3.  Practice writing their name with the first letter capitalized. 

4.  Learn to follow 2 step directions. 

5.  Use good manners!

6.  Learn social skills such as sharing, taking turns, asking for things they want etc

7.  Help children take responsibility, such as cleaning up their messes, getting dressed, etc

8.  Build self esteem by allowing children to struggle and overcome obstacles!

9.  Teach them to be problem solvers. 




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Welcome to Kindergarten!  

As of today (7-9-2020) we will begin school on August 7th. This will be a half day and the first full day will be August 10th. 

I am still unsure if Kindergarten will come on August 7th or as to how phase in will work the following week. I promise I will let you as soon as that information becomes available to me. I am just as anxious to know what is going on as you are! 

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